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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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Item Number: 56-1903Zayas
Description: Cuba 1903 - Picture postcard sent and signed by Alfredo Zayas, President of Cuba, 1921-25
Price: $125.00 USD

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Cuba 1903 - Postcard sent from Habana to France, signed by Alfredo Zayas, President of the Repulic (1921-25).
This undivided back card was signed and sent by Alfredo de Zayas y Alfonso (February 21, 1861, Havana, Cuba April 11, 1934, Havana, Cuba), known as Alfredo de Zayas under Spanish naming customs and also known as Alfredo Zayas. He was a Cuban lawyer, poet and political figure. Served as prosecutor, judge, mayor of Havana, Secretary of the Constitutional Convention, Senator (1903-1905, when he sent this card), President of the Senate (1906), Vice-President of the Republic of Cuba (19081913) and President of the Republic of Cuba from May 20, 1921 to May 20, 1925.
This postcard was sent to Mademoiselle Henriette Robert in Haute-Garonne, France. Stamp cancelled with HAVANA - CUBA - AUG 2, 1903 duplex cds. Stamped on arrival at BARBAZAN - HAUTE-GARONNE, 12 SEPT, 1903.
I have checked this signature against a copy of the page of the 1901 Cuban Constitution with the signatures of all the participants at the Convenction of which Alfredo Zayas was a signatory and it is a perfect match.

A short biography of Sr. Zayas that includes a portrait, can be found at: