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Friday, July 30, 2021

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Item Number: 49-Scadta-1
Description: Cuba 1928 - First Flight Columbian Pathfinders to the USA
Price: $450.00 USD

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Cuba 1928 - SCADTA First Flight Cover from Cuba to the USA.
First Flight cover from Cuba to New Jersey, USA flown by Captain Fritz W. Hammer. Franked with a 1923 Colombia, 20 centavos SCADTA stamp overprinted with a dark gray 7mm "C" (for Cuba) plus a 2 centavos red Maximo Gomez Cuba stamp. As it is always the case with these SCADTA covers mailed from foreign countries, the official stamp from the country of origin remained uncancelled by SCADTA. The SCADTA Consular overprinted stamp was cancelled with a three-line "Via First Air Mail - COLUMBIAN PATHFINDERS" handstamp applied in black. (These overprited stamps have been described as "Consular" since they were sold at the Colombian Embassies of the respective countries for use on airmail carried by SCADTA). Only 150 of these 20 centavos Colombian SCADTA stamps were ever overprinted.
As far as the circumstances surrounding this Columbian Pathfinders First Flight, I have been unable to find much information, only that they were flown by Captain Fritz W. Hammer and that only about 8 covers exist. Found some information on Keystone Pathfinder airplanes but these, as far as I. can tell, were never used by SCADTA. SCADTA was using Dornier airplanes. A VERY RARE FIRST FLIGHT COVER in great condition!


Larger picture of this FFC

SCADTA = Sociedad Colombiana-Alemana De Transporte Aereo