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Sunday, May 9, 2021

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Item Number: 47-CF-1931-Cam-Natal
Description: Cuba 1931 - Camaguey to Natal, Brazil First Flight Cover. A great rarity
Price: $475.00 USD

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Cuba 1931 - First Flight Cover (EDIFIL E74) CamagŁey to Natal, Brazil. EXTREMELY RARE
The number of covers flown is unknown but very probably, no more than 8 to 10. Listed but not priced by EDIFIL, undoubtedly because of the lack of market history, since these are almost never seen or offered for sale. Cancelled on departure from Havana on March 1st. 1931. Backstamped in transit at Camaguey on March 2nd and backstamped on arrival with two complete but very blurry cds's. The only word we can make out on these cds's is CORREIO which as we know is Portuguese for CORREOS, therefore the cds's are Brazilian in origin and likely at least one of them from Natal.
The Camaguey "CORREO AEREO INTERNACIONAL" blue cachet is not complete since it was applied over the edges of the envelope. In all the years we have been looking at First Flight covers, we have only seen another one of these and the Camaguey cachet was applied in exactly the same manner. In fact, the cover that was stamped just before this one, had the cachet applied at the same location, since a partial offset impression of that previously applied cachet can be seen on the back of this cover. In great condition overall. Needless to say, a seldom if ever seen great rarity.


A picture of the back of this cover