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Friday, July 30, 2021

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Item Number: 40-US-EDIF032FCa
Description: Cuba 1898 - EDIFIL 32FCx 1c green used, uprated, card
Price: $225.00 USD

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Cuba 1898 - 1c green on buff stock uprated card, very similar to EDIFIL 32FCa
The 1 centavo green on buff card of 1898, uprated by the addition of a 2 milesimas and a 4 milesimas stamps of the 1898 issue and used from Puerto Principe to Holguin (?) - [The name of the town in the address line appears to be that of HOLGUIN, but the contents of the message appears to be written as if the recipient would be located on a foreign country]. Addressed to Sr. Don Francisco de Paula Pleta. This card is not listed by EDIFIL but it is very similar to the card listed as 32FCa. The card listed by EDIFIL as 32FCa was uprated by the addition of a 2 milesimas, a 3 milesimas and a 4 milesimas stamps. If this card would have been listed by EDIFIL, it could have been, very possibly, listed as 32FCb. Regarding the card stock this card was printed on, it appears to the naked eye to be the buff stock variety, but the scanner picks up a slight yellowish tinge to it, so it could very well be the yellow stock variety, affected by some degree of age darkening.
Stamps and indicium were cancelled with two strikes of a CORREO de PUERTO PRINCIPE - YSLA DE CUBA - ABRIL 21 (18)98 double rim cds. EDIFIL prices the 32FCa card at € 400,- (US $ 500.-) so this unreported but very similar combination would have been probably priced also similarly.
On the message side the sender, "Pepe" tells the recipient, "Paco" that he is sending this new card with the new stamps that just "appeared" followed by a very interesting comment: "Aquí todo está tranquilo, pero hay rumores que los Estados Unidos preparan algo contra España"
In English: "Here everything is quiet, but there are rumors that the United States is preparing something against Spain"
The dateline on this card is April 8th, 1898 but it was postmarked on April 21, three day before Spain's declaration of war against the USA on April 24th that was followed by a declaration of war by the USA against Spain on the next day!


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