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Friday, July 30, 2021

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Item Number: 40-US-EDIF027Fb
Description: Cuba 1896 - EDIFIL 27AFa - 2c green on yellow postal card, uprated and used to France
Price: $145.00 USD

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Cuba 1896 - EDIFIL 27AFa - 2c green on yellow uprated postal card to France.
The 2 centavos de peso green postal card of 1892 (that was reprinted on yellow stock in 1896) uprated by the addition of a 1c de peso dark violet stamp and used to Paris, France on Dec. 29th, 1896. The card is addressed to Leopold Rivier, "Agence Lubin", Paris. The message on the reverse side contains a bit of postal history and it reads:

29/12/96 - Estimado Sr. Confirmo mi remesa por conducto de Mr. J. Van Caneghem y espero Ud. la haya recibido á su debido tiempo. Deseo me diga al contestarme, los sellos de Cuba que le faltan, incluyendo en la Manco Nota los modernos también, lo mismo que las milésimas. En cuanto á tarjetas Postales ya no quedan más que éstas, pues las de 4 centavos ya se concluyeron por estar á terminarse el año. De la próxima nueva emision le mandaré de las diferentes clases que se emitan. En espera de su pronta contesta quedo a sus órdenes, deseandole feliz año nuevo. S.(u) S.(eguro) S.(ervidor) - R. Krieghoff.

In a nutshell, Mr. Krieghoff explains to the recipient of the card that he had sent stamps to him, asks for another Want List and mentions that of the postcards, there are no more 4 centavos de peso cards available, since the year (1896) was coming to an end and wished him a happy new year.
So now we know that these 2 centavos de Peso cards were being uprated because the 4 centavos de peso cards were sold out.
The 2012 EDIFIL catalogue lists this uprated card as 27AFa and prices it at € 220,- or around US $286.00 at the current rate of exchange.


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