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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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Item Number: 39-UN-EDIF021cbip
Description: Cuba 1888 - EDIFIL 21cbip Type I unused with rare preprinted address.
Price: $395.00 USD

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Cuba 1888 - EDIFIL (21cbip ?) Unused Postal Card with privately printed address.
One of the rarest Cuba Postal Cards is EDIFIL 21cb, (2c green on buff) in which the "r" of "Sr" ends on a ball rather than on a downward stroke or hook and the first address line starts slightly tilted dawnwards.
But this 21cb card additionally bears an extremely rare preprinted address of: "Ramon Crusellas. Administrador de la Nueva Fábrica de Hielo. Universidad 34. HABANA" of which this is the only one we have ever seen.
The 2002 EDIFIL catalogue lists the basic card (EDIFIL 21) with this Ramon Crusellas preprinted address as 21ip and prices it in used condition at € 720.- (US $1008.00) but it does not list the 21cb card with this preprinted address. If EDIFIL would have listed 21cb with the preprinted address, it would have been listed very probably, as 21cbip. But since this rare card is not listed by EDIFIL, we are pricing it at what we think is a fair price taking into account it's extreme scarcity and the pricing of the other related varieties.


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