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Friday, July 30, 2021

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Item Number: 39-UN-EDIF002A
Description: Cuba 1879 - EDIFIL 2A Postal Card - Extremely Rare Type II
Price: $895.00 USD

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Cuba 1879 - EDIFIL 2A Postal Card.
EXTREMELY RARE Type II, 25c reddish brown and orange on buff, unused Postal Card from only one position in Plate II. This Type II card shows the "r" of "Sr" ending on a downward stroke rather than on a dot, as all the other 39 card positions in this issue, from both Plates I and II. It appear that Plate I became damaged towards the end of the calendar year 1879 and Plate II was made to replace it, which included only one position (of 20 in the plate) showing this variety. Since the plate was put in use towards the end of the year, it appears that very few impressions were taken before the 1880 cards went in use. This card, undoubtly due to its scarcity, went unnoticed by collectors for 116 years. Then in 1995, the first ever reported example was offered for sale in Spain as part of the Dr. Ibañez collection of Cuba. When the 1997 EDIFIL Specialized Catalogue of the Stamps of Cuba was released, we were certain that this newly discovered variety would be included, but to no avail. Finally it was included in the 2002 edition of the catalogue and priced at € 1500,- (around US $2100.-) probably using the Auction result as guidance. NEEDLESS TO SAY, A GREAT, SELDOM IF EVER SEEN RARITY.


Larger picture of this card

Larger picture of the Type II "Sr."