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Friday, July 30, 2021

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Item Number: 33-1917Sc264
Description: Cuba 1917 - 1c and 2c stamps on illustrated advertising cover - AUTO PLAY PIANOS
Price: $35.00 USD

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Cuba 1917 - Sc 264 and 265 on 1917 cover to Cincinnati, Ohio.
The 1c J. Marti and 2c M. Gomez stamps of 1917 on a beautiful Illustrated advertising cover from Havana to Ohio, USA. This is an illustrated advertising cover of "Pianos auto[s] tocadores y Pianos Orquestas Eléctricos" (Auto playing Pianos and Orquestra Electric Pianos) - "La casa más grande del mundo de instrumentos automáticos" (The world biggest concern [selling] automatic instruments) - Su Agente exclusivo Jorge Pomares y Saffrey (Exclusive agent Jorge Pomares y Saffrey) - Egido 29 - Habana - Fundada en el año 1856" (Established in 1856) - The stamps were canceled with an old U.S. Administration duplex c.d.s. (HABANA spelled with a "V") that should have been decommissioned back in 1902 - Addressed to Rudolph Wurlitzer, that very likely, was the manufacturer of this equipment. This is the only such cover we have ever seen. Very nice and unusual. This envelope appears to have been placed on an album page or cover holder that darken but did not affect the condition of the paper on most of the front of the cover, leaving a lighter colored band at the bottom of the envelope.


Larger picture of this great cover.