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Friday, July 30, 2021

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Item Number: 31-1885Sc125
Description: Cuba 1885 - Sc 125 on commercial cover from Cardenas to Maine, USA
Price: $95.00 USD

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Cuba 1885 - Sc 125 - (EDIFIL 100) on commercial cover.

Sc 125, 1883 5c gray blue stamp (1st retouch - EDIFIL Type II) on a beautiful cover from Cardenas, Matanzas to Thomaston, Maine. Stamp "socked-on-the-nose" with CARDENAS - ISLA DE CUBA cds. The envelope bears a printed corner card of a Ship Broker in Baltimore, MA, USA but evidently it was not mailed from there but from Cardenas, Cuba by perhaps a subsidiary or another firm in the same line of business. There is a commercial oval handstamp applied in purple on front of: MAMERTO VILLAR - Sucesor de CACHO - ABASTECEDORES DE PROVISIONES - SERVICIOS NAVALES - AGUADA, BALA, LASTRE, & & - PIN????S, NUM. 68, ESQUINA A AYLLON - CARDENAS. Havana and New York transit marks and THOMASTON - ME -APR 7 receiving mark applied on reverse. In great condition, with no tears, folds, etc. The name of the street in the handstamp is not very clear. Google Earth shows Ayllón Street is still there but can't find any intersecting street that fits the patern of the legible letters of the name of the street. In the meantime, while doing a Google searche, found out that Mr. Mamerto Villar is credited with building the first Hotel in Varadero Beach just around the time of this letter! - Follow up: after few more Google searches now certain that PINILLOS is the name of the Street.


A picture of the back of this cover, showing transit and receiving marks