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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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Item Number: 31-1857Sc7Front
Description: Cuba 1855 - Sc 7 - EDIFIL 4 Used on Havana, Dec 11 1857 full frontal
Price: $450.00 USD

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Cuba 1855 - The Y surcharge (Scott 7 - EDIFIL 4) used on a full frontal.
The tall and narrow "Y" (Type I) Y surcharge on carmine stamp (Scott 7 - EDIFIL 4) used in Havana on Dec. 11, 1857 on a full frontal addressed to Sr. Don J. Pla y Monge. This is just the front part of the SFL, without contents.
The stamp has two full margins (at top and right), close but not into the design at bottom and very slightly into the design at the top and bottom of the left margin.
There is an expert mark, applied very lightly to the right of the stamp that reads A C S in a circle. This is very probably the expert mark of Albert Cohen Sabban, of Paris, France, but not absolutely sure.
The stamp is cancelled and tied to the frontal by a black "Parrilla" and there is a HABANA (1) - 11 DI - (18)57 double rim cds applied in blue on front. The horizontal file fold right under the name of the addressee has been reinforced from behind with two stamp hinges.
The 2012 EDIFIL Specialized Catalogue of the Stamps of Cuba prices this stamp on a SFL at 825.- (US $1240.-). Since this is not a full SFL, it has been priced accordingly. Needless to say, a great rarity, of which probably less than a dozen exist.


A larger picture of the stamp

Dimensions, alignment and other details of the surcharge

A larger picture of the frontal