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Sunday, May 9, 2021

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Item Number: 14-Sc406
Description: Cuba 1946 - Sc 406 - F.D.Roosevelt - 25 diff. blocks of 4 - ALL SHEET POSITIONS unused, never hinged
Price: $95.00 USD

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Cuba 1946 - Cuba Scott 406 (EDIFIL 390) 2nd Anniversary of the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
An unused, never hinged complete sheet of 100 stamps that has been carefully separated into 25 blocks of 4. As you probably know, these stamps were printed as one large sheet of 100 stamps comprised of 4 panes of 25 stamps each, with horizontal and vertical gutters in the center and margins all around. Included in this lot are: the center cross gutter block of 4 (1), upper right and lower left corner plate No. S649 blocks of 4 (2), "Hoja No." blocks of 4 (4), upper left and lower right corner blocks of 4 (2), upper and lower margin gutter blocks of 4 (2), left and right horizontal gutter blocks of 4 (2), horizontal gutter blocks of 4 (2), vertical gutter blocks of 4 (2) Margin blocks of 4 (4), and plain blocks of 4 (4) for a total of 25 mint, never hinged blocks of four. ONLY SOME OF THE 25 BLOCKS THAT YOU WOULD BE GETTING ARE SHOWN IN THE PICTURE BELOW - YOU GET 100 UNUSED, NEVER HINGED STAMPS IN 25 DIFFERENT BLOCKS OF 4! - YOU CAN PUT THESE ON A TABLE AND RECONSTRUCT THE COMPLETE SHEET OF 100 STAMPS! NOTHING IS MISSING! A VERY NICE AND UNUSUAL ITEM! The 2012 EDIFIL catalogue value for 100 unused, never hinged single stamps is 350,00 (US $ 490.00)


Some of these blocks of 4