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Saturday, May 25, 2019

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Item Number: 11-ScC061abC062ab
Description: Cuba 1952 - Sc C61a-b, C62a-b - Agustin Parla Souvenir Sheets on FDC's
Price: $85.00 USD

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Cuba 1952 - Sc C61a, C61b, C62a, C62b - (EDIFIL 500, 500A, 501, 501A) - Agustin Parla Souvenir Sheets on First Day Covers.
Souvenir Sheets issued to commemorate the 39th Anniversary of the First Flight from Key West to Mariel by Agustin Parla on May 19th., 1913. These Souvenir Sheets were released simultaneously at Havana and at Mariel. These bear the Mariel cancellations and cachets, which are different from and scarcer than the Habana cancellations and cachets. Incidentally, Parla's flight plan was to land at Havana, which would have made him the "second" after Rosillo few days earlier, to complete the Key West-Havana flight. But he got lost and after flying in circles for a while, he eventually landed at Mariel, which made him the first to complete the Key West-Mariel flight! These are in great condition and what appears in the scanned pictures as stains or folds are the scanner's interpretation of very small surface depth variation due to very slight envelope paper curling. They are listed in EDIFIL and priced at 120,- (US $ 168.00) Very scarce covers.


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