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Sunday, May 9, 2021

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Item Number: 10-Sc0198-1899Pto.Principe
Description: Cuba 1899 - Sc 198, Positions 3, 4 and 5 on cover from Santa Cruz del Sur to Germany.
Price: $2,000.00 USD

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SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD - Cuba 1899 - Sc 198, Positions 3, 4 and 5 on cover from Santa Cruz del Sur to Germany. CORREOS - HABANA January 16, (18)99 - 10.11M transit and BREMEN January 31, (18)99 receiving marks on reverse. WITH CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY. One of only about 25 covers known franked with Puerto Principe provisional stamps and one of only two covers known addressed to Germany.
The Sc 198 stamps were part of the "fourth printing" done in Puerto Principe on December 27, 1898, scarcely two weeks before this cover was mailed, judging by the arrival date at Havana.
With printed corner card of Voigt & Rodríguez, the well-known Santa Cruz del Sur merchants.
The stamps were left uncancelled at Santa Cruz del Sur, that at this point in time did not have a town date stamp and was using only a "Parrilla killer" to obliterate stamps.
According to information available, (Puerto Principe - An interesting issue of stamps in Cuba - J.M. Andreini, NY, 1904) mail from Santa Cruz del Sur traveled 45 miles on a dirt road to Puerto Principe. From there another 45 miles by railroad to Nuevitas and from Nuevitas, another 409 miles by steamboat to Havana. (This service was provided only twice a month by the firm of Alonso Jauma & Co.)
January 16th 1899, the date of arrival of this cover at Havana was a Monday. In trying to understand why the stamps on this cover escaped cancellation at Santa Cruz del Sur, we theorize that perhaps this cover was taken to the Santa Cruz del Sur Post Office at the last minute on Friday the 13th and in a rush to get it to Nuevitas before the twice-a-month steamboat would sail for Havana, the stamps were left uncancelled.
If the steamer sailed from Nuevitas in the afternoon of Saturday the 14th and if it was capable of a speed of only 10 knots (10 nautical miles per hour), the timing was just right for this cover to arrive at Havana before 10 AM on Monday, January 16th, at which time it was backstamped.
But of course, this is only a theory and the explanation of why these stamps escaped cancellation could be a lot more simple: this cover could have gotten stuck to the back of the previous envelope in the group and the Postal Clerk could have just miss it! It could have been just that simple! Real postal history in the making!
Interestingly, the only other known cover with Puerto Principe stamps to Germany also arrived there on January 31st, 1899 so it probably came from Puerto Principe on the same steamboat and left Havana on the same day as this one did.
Includes Certificate of Authenticity issued by Carlos Echenagusia Garcia of Madrid, Spain. Mr. Echenagusia, in his Certificate of Authenticity, states that in his opinion "this cover is genuine". A RARE OPPORTUNITY TO OWN ONE OF THESE EXTREMELY SCARCE PUERTO PRINCIPE COVERS!


Carlos Echenagusia Certificate of Authenticity

Front and back pictures of this rare cover

Showing the Bremen, Germany receiving mark in upright position