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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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Item Number: 08-Sc0012PlateFlaw
Description: Cuba 1857 - Sc 12 - EDIFIL Ant. 7 - Upper left corner plate flaw variety
Price: $95.00 USD

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Cuba 1857 - Scott 12 (EDIFIL Ant. 7) upper left corner plate flaw variety.
A used 1857 blue, 1/2 real de Plata Fuerte, unwatermarked stamp, showing the upper left corner plate flaw variety in a very advanced state judging by the curvatures of the outter frames at the upper left corner and how much "blue" is missing. Apparently this impression was made shortly before a plate repair was attempted. The attempted repair was done by lifting or prying up the die on its upper left side. This actually resulted in more damage to the left border of the design. For that reason, we can tell this impression was taken prior to the attempted repair since there is no visible damage to the left border on this stamp. Cancelled with a partial black "Parrilla" handstamp. An outstanding example of this rare stamp with great margins all around. Very hard to find in this great condition.


Larger picture of this stamp.